YES... And the Winner is..... STILL POSSIBLY YOU !! If you have been one of our magnificent supporters in buying a raffle tickets in our Brisbane BMW X2 you are still in the draw. As you would understand a Raffle is all about reaching our goal to help hundreds of children in the BVI and Maharishi Institute.

By Monday we had to make a decision to apply to the Licensing Commission to put forward our case and ask to be granted an extension.

A Gaming License is a very strict process and it takes a number of days for our case to be considered, we of course gave ourselves far too short a run up of only 20 days to sell all 2000 tickets, as we would of loved to fit it in with our fundraising event on the 16th March. We were granted an extension late on Thursday afternoon 15th March on our Gaming License 197165 for 60 days.

We are very confident with all the help that has been offered by all the wonderful people at our Shine Bright Like a Diamond event, and we would love any ideas, sharing with passion or sales you can assist with so you can be a part of helping hundreds of children to be educated to reach our goal. We thank you for your patients and the draw will go live on Friday 18th May.